How to search for topic in n-Track manual

I have a iPad and would love to find topics in the ntrack manual. However I cannot discover how to search for a topic.
Can anyone tell me how?

Dear FORUM MATE.goodwishes…a simple suggestion…whatever …be it Android or Tab or iPad…before getting in…please play and replay the n Track.tutorials…and you wil be spontaneously you fingers hit the buttons,no hesitation to hit…afterall,you may not be at.where you want…Goodluck…n Track such a friendly DAW…Thanks n Track Launchers…DrNANDA…INDIA

The tutorials are indeed a real great tool. However, sometime I need to find a topic where I’ve forgotten how to use something or there is a change from when I first learned to use the feature. I like to read information. Most of the time it’s more helpful to me than a video.
So,I’d still like to know how to search on an iPad. There is no search button in the PC version either…