How to undo an effect

I applied sections of fade out and silence section to a tune I’m working on. I now decided I don’t like the result. How do I undo the fade out and undo the silence section?

This seems like it should be easy to do, but I tried looking in the documentation and can’t find anything on this topic.

Help is appreciated.

Right-click the track (while in drawing mode) and select “flatten envelope” or “remove selected nodes” or whatever may apply.

At the top, there’s a toolbar button to “draw volume envelopes” (or something like that). Click that button and you’ll see green lines corresponding to the fad out you did. Now what Hansje says might make more sense to you.

“Remove selected nodes” is a little tricky because you have to use the pointer (selection) tool to select a region, but you can’t see the nodes unless you’re using the volume envelope tool. Fortunately, you can momentarily switch tools using the alt key (or is it shift ke or control key? try them & you’ll figure it out.)

Thank you. I got it working now and I can remove the silence section and fade out effects I put in previously. It is definitely not intuitive but it works just like you described.