How to use Jamstix in N-Track?

newbie needs a clue

I installed Jamstix yesterday. I copied the folder it was installed to into the n-track plugins folder and rescanned for plugins and it was detected and popped up a message.

Now what? I am utterly baffled at what to do to actually turn on Jamstix or hear drumming sounds. My skill level is that I have successfully been able to record guitar from my PodXT into N-Track and a few other recording softwares I’ve tried, AND play it back!

Beyond that I am completely clueless.

Simplest way…

Load up a wav track (one recorded to a click ideally)

Set the N-track tempo to the tempo of the Wav

Add the “AudioM8” plugin to the audio track

Add Jamstix as a Vst Instrument

Click on Free Jam

Click the sync to audio (bottom right. Can’t remember the exact name, don’t have it in front of me right now)

Hit play.

Make sure you hav the absolute latest version of N-track and Jamstix (beta). Lots of problems getting the two to play originally.



There is a lenghty discussion HERE on how some of us got Jamstix working.

some of it may be redundant now as some work arounds due to initial bugs may no longer be required as the subsequent versions have been released…

The stuff on midi automation is probably worth reading as well.

I posted a step by step instruction on how I got it ot work on page 12 of the thread.


Thanks a lot guys! I’m about to dive in and see if I can’t get it all working together.

For some reason, searching for “jamstix” only catches 2 threads… Thanks for the link.

Quote (fhludlow @ June 24 2005,14:47)
For some reason, searching for "jamstix" only catches 2 threads... Thanks for the link.

TIP: Try searching again, this time setting the "Search From" at the bottom to "The beginning"... you'll get a LOT more hits that way :D