How to use punch-in?

I’m embarassed to say this but I just tried punch-in for the first time last night. I read over the rather brief user guide to the function. It seemed to record my takes but for the life of me, I don’t know how to get it to work now.

I tried both modes: Add all takes when finished and Add takes as they are recorded.

There seems to be a bunch of takes on top of each. How do I cycle through & keep one of them?

Thanks in advance.

I remember asking this question. I got it to work (sort of) but could never get live input processing to work with it.

Most board members seemed to agree that punch was pretty redundant these days and it’s easiest to simply record a new track at the point where it’s needed and mix it in using automation.

I remember being a bit dissatisfied at the time not being able to get punch in to work but I have to admit that the suggested work around seems more than adequate in retropspect.


Yep. With pretty much unlimited tracks, why use punch? It’s a hold over from tape days. Throw down as many tracks as you want, then comp the bits you like together. Neat, clean, painless. In other words, I could never get punch to work like I wanted either! :p Really, using separate tracks and comping is super easy and works great. For fixing guitar solo’s and the like I just arm a new track and play along OR just arm the track and listen then punch RECORD a few seconds before the blurb and play the “fixed” part.


PS Once the track(s) suit you, just mix it/them down to one and wack the garbage.

Right - that’s what I’ve always done but I thought I should try the punch-in tool. It was less than intuitive for me.