How to use Side-Chain Feature?

I need to do some Side-Chain (EQ based)

Hi guys:

I need to know this… I want to gate the overheads of my drum track in such a way that only the cymbals will be allowed through the gate… I can’t do that through simple gating, cos the toms also gets through for the simple case. My idea is to employ side-chain on the signal (EQ-ing the signal such that the gate only responds to high frequency threshold, which is where the cymbals lie)…

My problem is, I know how to do this for hardware side-chaining, but I don’t know how to do this for DirectX or VST plugins! Please help!

you need a specific plugin that can handle side chain input to utilize this method in software. so first off, do you have a compressor that offers side chaining?

This one will do it. I haven’t found a free one yet, though I haven’t looked very hard.

Hi Phoo:

Yes yes… I am using the db audioware one… but I have no idea how to activate the side chain function… anyone can help me with that?