Hug a Veteran today!

Thank them for serving.

Thanks to all Veterans and currently serving men and women.

Hat’s off to you!! :D


My dad, when he was serving in the navy in Korea.

Tell him “THANKS!” for me Tom. If you can of course.


I did.
He’s 80 now.
But still has a rakish air.
Runs in the family. I am rather proud of my father.

What a great photo TomS… OoHh, to be young again… and to know what you think you know… ToDaY…

Hey, I’m just approaching the 1/2 century mark, and I’ve been saying the same thing for years already.

It’s been really good the past few years learning more about my dad’s life - I worked on a very extensive family history project for his 80th - not just genealogy, but as much family history as I could dig up going back to the late 1700s when Spatmanns and a whole lot of other folks came over from Germany (although the biggest movement here was 1840-1850). Went through lots of old newspapers, legal records, the whole shebang. Gotta take a trip over to Heidelberg someday, kinda stuck on 3x great grandfather Mathias Spatmann. Lots of good stories about ancestors, of shipwrecks and American Civil War service and scandalous affairs with 19th century “capitalists” and and big engineering projects and all sorts of joys and sorrows…and then learning about my dad’s service in Korea, growing up in Detroit during the depression, all sorts of things. Today we just got his DNA results back, incidentally. Our paternal line were cro-magnons, of course. I was pulling for Neanderthal.