I kind of like the bass on this one…

Bright and jangly, has an Elvis Costello feel. :agree:

to me, the mix is so hi-end dominant that the bass line was tough to pick out, even with the subwoofer on.

Thx Jason the tone on that mix was giving me a complex :laugh:

Hm. I really have to get my ears checked.


What kind of mix monitors do you use tom?
Funny point, when I uploaded my new tune, I was checking this song out and thought WoW, my new song is to flat!
Then Jason came along and mentioned your highs.
My mix is totally perfect on my studio monitors but from the laptop with soundblaster and bose speakers it sounds a little flat, especially compared to this mix of yours.
My song doesn't have the help of a hi'hat for a litte high'sizzle.
I'm thinking I need better mix monitors

I have Alesis monitors, they’re pretty good, I might need to put them in a better position, or it might be what happens to the EQ when the mp3 is made, I dunno…I posted two more today that might sound less harsh, I dunno.

Nice bass line. Love the harp.