I'm considering a new digital interface

What would you suggest?

I am looking for an 8 channel interface, 8 preamps, ADAT as well as analog in/out to use with a PC laptop.
What unit would you suggest?

EMU1616M comes to mind. Buncha guys at Audiominds have it I think… Maybe drop Mac a PM over there. He uses one with a laptop and with an adapter, also uses it with his desktop DAW.


If money is no object, check out RME’s line of Firewire interfaces. They can also do dual purpose laptop and desktop duties rather elegantly.


Hey, Presonus has some nice firewire interfaces…digimax fs, firestudio, firepod… check out their website, www.presonus.com, also, they got a few videos on you tube that are really helpful…

you say PC Laptop and ADAT - ADAT as default on a Laptop is a very rare thiing indeed - OK on a PC, ADAT is far more expensive than adding a FIREWIRE CARD but ADAT will work across all systems that can accept it as it is a standard set set by the ALESIS company and not at the whim of a PC designer - i have RME 24in 24out unit in PCI format - PC express is now suppoted - you can get cardbuss ADAT systems for aptops from RME. look ot their website for more info -


I, too, am considering upgrading. Unfortunately, gear in NZ is often thrice (and at least twice) as expensive as it is in the USA (for instance). That said:

Phonic’s Helix Board 18 Firewire MkII looks interesting…so does Yamaha’s N12.

Alesis’ “MultiMix 16 USB 2.0” is reviewed in Sound On Sound’s August issue.