I'm going to watch the World Superbikes!!!

Donington…bikes…leather…GRIN :slight_smile:

My weekend… yippee!

erm…that was all!

Hey Ange.

This might only mean something to you, but, when I still lived in the UK, I used to drink in the same pub as Ron Haslam!

So - do you ride?
Bikes make me a little nervous. Especially the rally racers.
Just looking at the pictures of those riders scraping the
pavement with their knees makes me extremly nervous.
I guess you still can ‘buy a thrill’.
Hope you’re not hot-rodding around the neighborhood like that!
Closest I ever came was a friend who used to race ‘dirt’ with
a Bultaco - went to see him race a couple of times.
What - no brake - just compression release. No thank you.
Well, have a smashing good time. :agree:

Have a great time Ange! :agree:

Have fun Ange and write a tune 'bout it.


This might only mean something to you, but, when I still lived in the UK, I used to drink in the same pub as Ron Haslam!
... tut tut, professional racers drinking...honestly!


So - do you ride?

nope, :( but i will do soon, we're puttin me in for me test b4 Christmas , hopefully! for now i am stuck riding pillion on Rob's Gpz but
i got me some leathers and will one day have me my R6! :)


Have fun Ange and write a tune 'bout it.

ooooh pink floydie stylie 'Bike' hehe...that could be fun :)

Thanks all for your well wishes

Ange x

Good god I’d forgotten that PF tune…

Quote: (ange @ Sep. 04 2008, 12:53 PM)

'Bike' [/URL]hehe...that could be fun :)

Holy Moly, now that's going back in "TIME" so to "Speak (To Me)" ain't it!

Definatly drug induced music!

Almost as scarey a song as "The Move's" - "Here We Go 'Round The Lemon Tree" (Anyone remember Roy Wood?)

Roy Wood? Of course! The Move, ELO…

Last year a guy in the same business as me came to Dubai for a week. His part time job was as guitar player and singer in ‘Bev Bevans Move’, as he was leaving he asked me if I could find them some gigs for a month or so in Dubai. Well…I tried, but no takers!

Quote: (Bruffie @ Sep. 05 2008, 12:50 AM)

Roy Wood? Of course! The Move, ELO.....

Last year a guy in the same business as me came to Dubai for a week. His part time job was as guitar player and singer in 'Bev Bevans Move', as he was leaving he asked me if I could find them some gigs for a month or so in Dubai. Well...I tried, but no takers!

Wow, no takers on Bev's "The Move" , guess no one remembers him from ELO.
Jeff Lynne was in the Move for 1 or 2 LP's. I had one with Lynne, cover art was an arial view of a Bunch of bald heads, it may have been a boot leg album tho, can't remember.

Fav. song....
Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited, from the LP Shazam.

was this b4 or after the war?!


I remember the the ‘Move’ album had
a funky alblum cover.
That’s the reason I bought it.
(Still miss album covers)

How cool was my weekend?! :)

We headed out into the torrential rain, listening to the radio broadcasting flooding in the north east (where we were heading) and drove for 5 and a bit hours to complete the 3 and a half hour journey to Donington.
I spent a large proportion of the journey expanding my knowledge on the LHC http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Large_Hadron_Collider
following a conversation the other evening where Rob had politely informed me of the risks associated with the breakthrough technology of the LHC and the ‘big bang evening that could end the world’ Promptly followed by him leaving the room to make coffee and me having a small fit on the sofa, (I hate it when I don’t know about something)
So Rob decided that I should read up on it so that I wouldn’t panic every time i hear a noise in the future and very kindly provided me with the wikipedia page…riveting stuff! kept me quiet for at least an hour!
As we drew closer to Donington it became apparent that the plan to camp in the field behind a hotel had been a little optimistic of our English weather so as we drove past several accidents and fields that that you could now quite easily go fishing in we discussed the chances of
the air bed fitting in the boot of our little Rover 200!

The hotel was a cute little place, directly in the path of the overhead planes taking of from our neighbour (East Midlands airport) we were to camp on their front lawn (due to the field being swamped) next to the 5 or 6 birds of prey the hotel owned and just around the corner from the other various animals they kept (goats/sheep/fox and a German Shepard)!
We ran in from the rain to a very detailed greeting and a gorgeous family hotel which was quite clearly just a stones throw away from the race track. The sound of the qualifying races in the background created the perfect soundtrack to the epic amount of Ducati pics, models and other memorabilia.
(later that eve the owner took us to his kitchen where perched perfectly in the middle of his beautifully clean cupboards was a Ducati 1098 with the fairings resting gently against the cupboard doors and a very proud 1500 miles on the clock!!!
“wanna buy it?” …
he said what?! …
“would you like one?” …
(would i stoop to simon cowels despicable level of pop pervertedness if offered the chance to sign a big fat juicy conrtact with him??? … would i like one???) anyhow, back to the rain…

Which had now stopped and we were frantically using this window of sogginess to put up the tent, three poles…yup, urm, 2 ‘A-frames’ right? Where’s the other ‘V’? hmmmmn
Rob’s face went a paler shade of white! He had obviously forgotten an important part of the tent! Men!
Calm as a cucumber, Rob erected the tent (with the one ‘A-frame’ it was strangely designed to have)
i must admit, he did a splendid job…i never doubted him for a moment.
The weather from then on was kind and the night was mild!
I had managed to drown one of the most expensive bottles of Merlot and was a little tipsy by the time we ordered our meal, things were a little blurry (no glasses you see?!?) so i just located the prices on the right hand and ran my finger down the list until i found what appeared to be the most expensive thing on the list and found myself gorging on
a divine steak by 9 :)
the atmosphere was lovely, the food good, the tent warm and my cheeks red by 10
:whistle: purrrfect…then came the planes… at 11.30pm, 2am, 4.15am… 7am…joy! Time to wake up?!
…Full English breakfast…
Mud, Noise that rumbles through you working it’s way (very pleasantly up from your feet) greasy burgers and coffee. We had an amazing position by one of the best corners and in front of a long straight, giving us the perfect combination of crashes, wheelies and rumbles. The races were ruddy marvellous.
We got some good ol’ brit blood on the podium (no…Bayliss didn’t crack his head open on a champaign flute) but he did take 3’rd in the first of the Sbk races
we saw a 15-20 year old 600 superbike race which was ridiculous (and made me feel old)!
You could see and feel their little hearts breaking in their helmets as they collided into each other on the corners, picked up their bikes and shook their little heads…bless em!
Oh, and there was a gsxr race, now, i love gsxr’s, but when there are a dozen of them all going around a track and you don’t know who’s who, it’s really quite confusing, still massively entertaining…brilliant

In conclusion, Rob has mastered the art of pleasing his woman (and i have renewed our conrtract for another year, he totally earned it)!

Till next year…

errrr sorry bout the essay!!! :whistle: