I'm taking Piano Lessons Now

All by Ear

Hey guys and gals, thought I would stop in here to say hi :)
I have that drum machine gathering dust…who was it that told me to buy one ?
I also need to blow the dust of my flat top.
And yes I now have a Baby grand…a friend did not want to move it when she moved
so I got it here now…and its all tuned up.
I found a place in town that teach old buggers like me to play b y ear
4 th lesson so far.
Hope your all well and the weather is good were ever you are.
Snowing here today


Hi Daner:
Keep that snow where you are… We don’t need any over here on the East Coast… Tomorrow, I’m getting my winter rubber changed for Summer wheels… The leaves are breaking out, SO, it’s no more snow over here… Anyway, you have quite the “FIND”…

It would be nice to have a Baby Grand… Report back here to let us know how you’re making out with the lessons…


Playing by ear, wow, that’s tough. I’ve been playing guitar for many years but still need chords or tabs.