I've got a song I need some feedback on.....


I’ve been working on a studio version of a live song I recorded 2 years ago, and wanted to get some audiophile ears on it…

The link is www.soundclick.com/iplan — and the song is “K.I.A. (The Martyr) - studio version”
If you press the play button, it’ll be the first one to play.

Can you give it a listen and give me some feedback?

I’d be especially interested in hearing comments about balance, eq, etc.

I know I’ve been MIA for awhile, but I just didn’t have anything I thought you’d be interested in - so I’ve been monitoring your transmissions in "radio silence.“

Oh one more thing the inspiration for this song is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Elliot


"I thought I was dead, but it turned out I was just in Montana.”
(Little Bill in the classic western “Unforgiven”)

I like what you’re doing, I dig how the song goes, I’m hearing the left side really louder than the right I wonder if panning more to the center would help it blend better. I think the drums could come up more, not sure if they sound as up close or with the presence that folks like to hear. Like if the drums had a different eq and some reverb,

But I like the song and the drive to it, dont stop!

Really a rough mix Jonathan not much seems balanced at all - I agree with nix on the drums - really buried - guitar heavy… the bass sounds really good to me though. Farther in the drums are just gone. Try getting a mix started with the drums and try not to drown them out as you layer instruments in. Some good guitar work is also buried by the rhythm electric.

What are you using to mix on speaker wise?

Thanks for the feedback.
When I said, “I think I’m getting close,” I guess I really meant, “Hey the song plays from beginning to end, and kind of sounds like it is all the same song.” lol

The deal with this song is that I’m trying to merge a live, single track recording of the song starting @ 2:24 w/ a studio version (0:00 - 2:23) so that it sounds like the same song.

The drums are really quirky, and the tempo of the song after 23:24 is not constant, and I don’t have the engineering skilz to overdub a midi drum program over it. The drums are not really that prominent in the single track recording, so I’ve had to pull the drums on everything before 2:24 to get it to sound like the same song.

I think this song has a bit of potential if I could fix the issue w/ the drums (because it’d be easier to mix once the drums were ‘right.’).

I wish I knew someone that could overdub real drums for me on this song.

Does anyone here play the drums, and if so, would you like to play drums on this tune - so I could get it done?
Three years is a long time to spend on a song, and still have so many issues as this one does.

Practically begging for a studio drummer,


I wish I knew someone that could overdub real drums for me on this song.

That's a pretty big wish there. I just don't have time to do something like this though.
Fighting tempo is the one thing I can't handle when programming or overdubbing. It would be easier to build a rock solid drum track and edit the existing parts to fit it. I could do that for you if you want to play with this thing another month.

Hmm if it were me, think I would take it back to a finished studio song and keep the live as a seperate song. Sounds like some major timing issues during the live part, can’t put my finger on it.

Really would like to hear the vocals brought up front more in the mix. Yaz’s suggestion of separate songs is probably the best and easiest approach. It’s definitely worth putting the time in on this song to get it right. :agree: