i bet you never heard nothing like these

2 new songs

challenge your ears!
here’s 2 new songs,with a previous post.tell me what you think…
hope you enjoy!


Really cool stuff!!!

I really dig the ethnic mix with the modern.

I did hear some saturation in the mix, but overall I enjoyed it very much.


Definitely different,

Loved ‘The Call’ - great Arabic feel and sound, the outdoorsy reverb effect sounds like an early morning Muslim prayer call or something - too cool. To me the others just sound like a bunch of noises though (I do realize it is experimental) - however, having said that, reminds me of a movie soundtrack or something.

Kudos to you for being different. :)


my goodness, i’m finding such great music tonite!!
this is really put together very well, totally flows, no mud, no distractions, somebody mastered it or i’m a no-nothing.

its one thing if you are asking for help (ie too much mud, how do i do i mix?) but i really think you are just trying to get your music out there…(OK by me, cuz i just ran into it!)

nicely done.


thanks all,
your input is much appreciated!Scott,in regard to mastering,“the call” is midi/fruity mixed on N with N plugins.the other 2 are fruity straight to wav./mp3!(my N crashed)i’ve only made about 8 songs ,so i really am interested in technical criticism(and??)i’m on a fixed income and use the bare minimum($500 total “studio”).the music is only to enjoy!
Thanks again

sorry, cant add any “change the eq” stuff cuz I dont have any monitors anymore…but listening on regular speakers, the mix sounds really good to me…only listening on computer speakers lately (yuck, but going to change that or get out of the mixing business) and your stuff sounds great…going from low tone, then build into crescendo… classic music that i like.

thanks for listening,chiller

Excellent! Reminds me of a mix of Art Of Noise with a dose of Thievery Corporation. And I did listen with decent headphones.


that’s a better description than i had myself!
Thanks for listening!


i bet you never heard nothing like these, 2 new songs

Calls sounds a lot like Natcha Atlas (with male vocals of course) or Rachid Taha. I’m guessing you are a big Rai fan?

Thanks Bubba,
That’s a very complementary comparison!i know Ms Atlas,but not the other artist(will google now)i do enjoy Rai music,i like Cheb Mahmai and others.i hear these artists on KGNU.org ,our local community radio.The singer in the sample is a mullah in Iran,i beleive,singing the call to prayer…not a professional,but i thought a powerful and evocative singer.
Thanks for listening!

ps.where do you hear Rai?

Oh, I am a long time nerd. You wouldn’t believe my music collection. Everything from Italian folk, to farsi classical, to sufi pop, to Greek, to Renaissance europe, to MegaDeth, to opera, to mussette, to rap, to polka to… Um, I listen to a lot of different stuff. :;): I go on vation to do two things… find off the beaten path music and find good eats. I have gotten a lot of music from out of the US just from travel.

Rachid Taha Homepage Diwan was his record that made it pretty big a year or so back and is similar to your stuff.

Here’s alink to a Sufi project I produced a few months back.

And here is some Italian Folk for you :D Link

BTW, WinAmp has a few really good Rai and arab pop stations (and everything else for that matter)… Oh, it’s free… WinAmp

great info thanks so much-pls read praise of your project on that other site-great stuff.Didn’t know about Winamp stations,thats great.I guess we have more access than ever with internet,but you sure gotta poke around.My travel has been limited,but i’m currently interested in a project to record endangered indiginous music in Chiapas,Mexico

Thanks for the links!There’s so much great music in the world-i think it is mankind greatest gift to the universe