I bought my dress today...

The little flowers will be purple and not burgundy as in this pic, also the lace will be purple and it will be shortened! I know it is not anywhere near as regal as the other one, but when I put it on I looked in the mirror and saw a Swan!

Ange x

WHOOHOO!!! :agree:

ahhhhh, you be the Swan for sure baby girl.

Nice dress and nice write up Ange. Gonna look great girl :agree:

Awesome Ange!

Pretty nice Ange… The dress… That Is… :laugh: :) :p


So we’re all invited, right?

I mean, there like no chance most of us could get there, but we’d still be obligated to send you presents, so…we’re all invited, right?

Beautiful, Ange, and you look beautiful in it.
Mary says so too.

Yup… :agree: You look awesome. Say… uh… if Rob bails on ya’… err… oh wait. Mrs. D… that might be a problem :laugh: NeverMIND!


Lookin’ good… real good. :)

:love: thank you guys,
( i've taken the pics away just in case robby gets nosey. )

Ange x