I broke a bone!

I thought it had a loose connection…turned out that the red wire was not even welded on anymore! :heart-break:

You SCARED me woman! I thought you had hurt yourself… This is a rather simple matter to repair in seconds versus waiting weeks for a bone to heal.

Rob (or an electronics savvy friend) can probably solder that wire back in place in a minute.

I would do it for ya’ but shipping would be killer… :)


Take it easy on the equipment girlfriend - how the heck did that happen?

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Jun. 30 2009, 1:30 PM)

how the heck did that happen?

Ha! Haven't you ever heard the "Flying Microphones" before ??? Great group! Cool sounds!

You didn’t have it tied to the ceiling fan goin’ for a Leslie effect didja’? :laugh:


That’s not a mike. She broke a light saber. I would take it to a Jedi Master.

[stares at Ange and waves hand] I said… take it to a Jedi Master.

That’s a mighty powerful voice ya got there young lady! Try backing off from the mic when singing to avoid snapping wires in the housing! :laugh:

I know, you were doing a Roger Daltrey loop de loop and it swung off the cord?!?

Wasn’t made in China was it? (I forgot which mic that was)

(About 15 years ago there was a time when quality to a drastic and noticeable nosedive. I ordered 6 mic, an oscilloscope and a guitar tuner all about the same time. Two of the six mics wouldn’t work. The Oscope was missing the testleads that should have been included, and the (AC powered)tuner wouldn’t turn on at all. Mics got replaced. Test leads were never to be found so I had to special order a replacement set. The tuner never could have worked because the AC cord going into the back was not connected to the power supply circuit board. Didn’t look like it was ever connected. All those were made in USA items. I was just shaking my head thinking stuff should be better than this no matter where it’s made.)

Ange you could hold that wire down with that big majic marker and then stick some chewing gum on it. That would be a lot like soddering it!

Poppa Willis demonstrates a sodder technique.

Quote: (technoid @ Jun. 30 2009, 3:51 PM)

That's not a mike. She broke a light saber. I would take it to a Jedi Master.

[stares at Ange and waves hand]
I said... take it to a Jedi Master.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: you guys are so funny

nope...just had a loose connection for ages, so in a haze of desperation i thought i'd try to take it apart....that was after giving it a little "if in doubt...give it a clout" treatment.

...a few tugs at the mesh and pulls of the cover later i realised that the bottom unscrews and so after reviling my 'light sabre' in all it's glory and locating it's dodgy wire (hanging on by a thread) I decided that the most sensible thing to do at this point was to give the wire a little jiggle and finish the job! :whistle:

who says girls shouldn't play with electrical/techieheadtypie stuff?!

Ange x

ps: cheers for he vid and advice Levi...i tried the marker pen first...that didn't work, so as soon as rob gets the solderie stuff he needs, he's gonna do it for me...no recording till it's fixed :(