I did it

Hey all
I just got my hair cut. The last time I saw any scissors it was 1988. Now I feel kinda neked :D

Did you donate the remains to “Locks of Love” or summat?


I know how you feel, I got my hair cut this year after 11 years…

Quote (gtr4him @ Aug. 11 2005,17:16)
Did you donate the remains to "Locks of Love" or summat?


The guy that cut it said they would probably send it back :(
It was really ratty. I never really brushed it much :(

Come on man—willy too…
we need before and afters!

PB! :D

It was at least 20 years ago when I took my sister with me to have the pony-tail cut off (>12", and the hair cutter said “do you want to save this?” and of course i said "what the heck for?!"

I had hair way down my back, wore wierd clothes then (black t-shirts and jeans, wow! can you believe that?) and I played and listened to grateful dead music.

The only thing I’ve changed since then was my hair because of business concerns (and looks; that hair was incredibly curly and wild, so it really did not look good on me). It’s funny now that i look at my old pictures and wonder why i thought long hair was good for me?

Still glad I was one to do it back then, i was a renegade just because.


Well, the befores are at http://www.lazygenetheory.com


You asked for it, so here it is. Please don’t laugh too hard and keep in mind that I won’t be responsible for any retina damage

Don’t get your gun and come after me for saying this…

If I were a Casting Agent in the Bisssnesss… I could almost see you in a Long Island PORN Shoot for the XXX Trade… Well… now that the Locks-are-Gone… :O :p Night-and-day difference…

illium… jump in toooo… :laugh:


I’ll look at the + side. At least you didn’t say I look like Travis Tritt. I got that S*** all the time. Porn? huh… nah :D

Darn…I had about three Travis Tritt jokes ready to go!

Nice !-Thanks for the Pics!

Willy-thanks for the link!


Off the website. Note the cool Slash hair:

Two minutes ago. Notice the younger looking guy.


I hope you realize that I’m just chuckin “Dung” at you… :O :laugh: Go ahead… ware you hair anyway you choose… But you must feel sortta "Light Headed’ now that it’s not there… And the Dawg-Days-of-Summer… and all… No Pun Intended…either…

Joe Peshy? is that how his name is spelt? in the movie The Good Fellows He liked to bust… B***S… a New York Mob Scene Movie depicting times in the 50’s - 80’s… one of my favourite movies…


I gotta agree… the shorter hair makes both you fella’s look younger. Since mine is already pretty short, I guess I just have to look like old fart…


Quote (gtr4him @ Aug. 12 2005,14:31)
I gotta agree... the shorter hair makes both you fella's look younger. Since mine is already pretty short, I guess I just have to look like old fart...


You can't be too old, especially if you move as fast as that gif :D

Travis, umm, I mean jeromee, dude ya shoulda kept the beard, shaving every day is the pitts! :D

I agree with TG, short hair does make one look younger, til ya get near 50 and have to start braiding the ear hair. And combing the back hair is a pain!

Hey Jeromee,

I think you look really good in short hair. it complements your face better.

Hmmm! Wish I had that much hair to cut off :)