I have ....

a computer problem.

When ever I shut down my system, it goes to a blue screen and stays there, never completely shuts down i have to turn off the power strip to kill it, most of the time when i turn it back on it comes up just fine and all is well, but sometimes it goes to check disk. This is a pain. Does anyone have any ideas of how to fix that little speed bump that does not include formatting?

Which OS?

Chances are it’s a driver, or an app running in the background that is accessing a driver. Blue Screens are ALMOST a think of the past in WinXp. Pretty much when you see one you can count on it being driver related somehow.

What hardware do you have installed?

Sometimes reinstalling Windows on top of itself will fix things like this. This isn’t a fresh install, but a reinstallation of the existing Windows. It’s been made a cliché, but sometimes reinstalling Windows really is the right thing to do.

Also, boot into safe mode and close down Windows. I bet it doesn’t do it when exiting safe mode. If that’s what happens (no blue screen) then you can be sure it’s some some piece of hardware or software that is not started when in safe mode.

It could be almost anything from a printer driver to the video card to anything in between.

xp pro is the OS