I just noticed something about the nTrack GUI

It’s so frikkin retro and Win 3.1 looking. Talk about cornball city. I think it’s time for 'ol Flavoleo to inject some fresh WPF or Silverlight stuff into these tired ol nTrack screens. Sheeesh, I feel like grandpa sometimes when working on my alt-gospel mixes. What do you guys think?

- keep shinin

Do you change the default colors of n-track jeremydemos? I’ve completely customized mine.


Hi jeremydemos:

Some of that new stuff might be nice…
by going down any of those roads we might very well stress the operating systems and graphics cards of our setups and all, and end up with n-Track performances that we hadn’t bargained for…

I hear you very well…
it’s just my 02 cents worth…


Quote: (Paco572 @ Sep. 27 2010, 8:14 PM)

Do you change the default colors of n-track jeremydemos? I've completely customized mine.


Nah I just use the defaults.

This is a troll,

my name is jeremysdemo, this is jeremysdemos

I only have one demo, this guy apparently has numerous demos. :p

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

Ah…I knew there’s was something fishy…



I never took notice of the number of posts..
You are up here more than 4 posts..
I guess my eyes need more work..

If you are not aware, I had the first eye done on Monday, of this week..
I had cataract surgery and a lens implant on the left eye.. I'm in recovery mode.. I'm off work until further notice..

I have no date yet on the right eye..