I need your vote

Interner battle of the bands

Hey folks, I am currently in an online battle of the bands competition and would like to ask for your vote. You can simply click here and we are Kristi Strauss and the Blue Medusa in Competition #11. That’s me back there on the drums. :) Thanks for your support!

What’s your platform, Bubba? Why should we vote anyway? (KIDDING! going to vote now.)


Well, I voted for ya, but I dunno about voting for a trombonist turned drummer… :)

Good luck!

he plays accordion too. i’ve seen him do it! i’ve got pictures! i’m going to send them to the tabloids!!

i’m sorry bubba, but your campaigning tactics are downright underhanded, and your platform is baseless, and you’ve conviently sidestepped all the issues presented by your opponents, without even acknowledging them. i can’t in good concience support you, or your party… :D :p

Well fooey… Um, how about a curry in every pot? Is that a platform you can get behind?

I do have a gently used trombone that needs a good home for anyone who might want to purchase cuch a thing.

As for the pics Troy… I’ll beat you to it…

Bubba playing accordion in his knickers:

now you guys just have to vote. :D

In knickers, no less! Man, I’m gonna keep bumping this to the top 'till the polling is finished! :D

Think it’ll be another Florida?