I seek an amplifier ...

hiho !

My old amplifier broke down last week … oh no …
But it did what it should for many years :wink:

Now I´m seeking a new one … anyone here who has got one he doesn´t need anymore or who knows where to get a good one ? …

the thing is: some days before I bought new speakers and now I´ve got not much money left (I´m poor pupil ^^) …
the amplifier should give ca. 2 x 90 Watts on 4-8 Ohms (thats what my speakers can give…) and it should NOT cost more than 60 Euro (I´m in Germany) !

So if anyone can help me, please answer !

Many greetings

I seek an amplifier

I seek an amplifier

I seek an amplifier

I seek an amplifier

How's that? :D

Home stereo, PA, guitar, bass? What KIND of amp. (Besides a text amplifier!) Ali, you are a nut! Is there an echo in here? :D :D


Ali, you are a nut!

So you keep saying TG.

(sigh) if you were the only one............ :(

But, have you tried ebay steffan?

It’s OK Ali-dude. People say I’m nuts too. I prefer “mental activist”. Gotta use all that gray matter for something eh?


Beware the squirrel you nuts! :D

E-Bay if looking for a deal stesa.

Rock On!

hey ali, your amplifier is great !!! what a sound !! and the power … gg

sry it was really crazy I forgot to say what an aplifier I seek … I seek an studio / HiFi amplifier …

yes, e-bay is quite a good idea…I´m looking in it every day …
but I´m looking almost every day in this n-track forum so I wanted to try this possibility, too …