I still can't get it to work!!!!!!!&#3

This is junk… For some reason, my recording vu is active, but the master channel doesn’t pick up my guitar when plugged into the line in socket.

I have checked my recording and playback levels… I’m completely stumped and have tried to work it out over the past few days…

someone please help!!!

Do you have the LIVE input processing button on?

Are you trying to monitor your guitar or do you mean it won’t record any sound at all?

I’ve known of n-track for all of a day, so I probably won’t be much help, but I’ll try!




You need to give us details of your set up and settings, and describe the problem more accurately.

Yup big buncha starter hinds on audiominds.com

And go out to the bookstore (or amazon.com) and get a starter book on recording.
“Home Recording for Musicians for Dummies” is an excellent guide to getting everything connected and set up. Well worth $15.

Sorry you’re having trouble, Mr. We’re happy to help if you’ll provide a better description of your setup. What sound card are you using? Are you using a mixer? How do you have everything connected?

Getting N configured correctly is very important. There are tutorials at AudioMinds that show you how. Once you’ve told N which hardware and drivers to use and configured it to record from the right source, the actual recording process is very easy.

Since you don’t seem to have experience with recording, it may take a bit (lot?) of reading to bring you up to speed. But if you’ll be patient with us, we’ll try to help.


Ok running a 2.6ghz p4 with 512mb ddr and sb live [DF80] with XP corporate. I’ve downloaded and installed the latest driver which has just exacerbated the problem. N-track is now totally unstable and I get error messages constantly telling me it has to close or it just quits with no warning at all… I’ve tried a full reinstall of n-track, but no help. I’m using the line-in interface with an electric guitar with passive pickups on the other end. I can play the guitar through the pc fine whether n-track is running or not. When I activate the Live input mode, it makes no difference. I can record though, but when I play the notes don’t appear in the mixer until playback… It’s as if the master channel isn’t picking up and processing the input signal.

I can record though, but when I play the notes don't appear in the mixer until playback... It's as if the master channel isn't picking up and processing the input signal.

I'm not sure I follow this.... Are you saying that you can record OK,.... and playback OK.... but you are expecting the "master" to channel to do something? ? ? What exactly?

When you say the "notes don't appear" do you mean the graphic that N-track draws in the timeline? If so, it won't draw it while recording - only afterwards.

As for the "master" thing.... If you are referring to the Master VU on the mixer that is only for playback.

BTW - you don't need LIVE mode enabled for normal recording/playback.

Thanks for the additional info, Mr. From a PC hardware perspective, you should be fine. So let’s talk software…

If N isn’t stable, there’s a problem. N won’t perform correctly if there are stability/incompatibility issues. So let’s work on that first.

- Uninstall N
- Reboot PC
- Locate n-Track Studio folder within Program Files and move it to Desktop
- Run a registry cleaner. My current favorite is CCleaner.
- Reboot PC
- Install latest build of N 3.3 (Bld 1516). You can get it HERE
- Reboot PC
- Configure N (Audio Devices, Playback VU, Record VU)

If Bld 1516 won’t launch correctly or you get error messages during lauch, there may be more serious stability issues with Windows. A successful install of N is totally dependant upon a stable install of Windows.

Plugging your guitar into the LineIn of the sound card should work fine for you. Just know that you have to configure the sound card’s mixer so it sends the right signal to N. Most folks here who use a Live card don’t install the Creative drivers; they use WinXP’s default drivers instead. This simplifes lots of things. If you’ve installed the Creative drivers, open the Creative Mixer and make sure LineIn is enabled. If you’ve NOT installed the Creative drivers, open the Windows Volume Control, move to Recording Properties, and enable LineIn.

Now you should be ready for a recording test. I suggest you not open an existing Song. Do your testing with a New Song instead. Keep it simple until you’re sure N is working right.

I agree with Mark that you shouldn’t need the Live Input button. And he’s right that the Master Volume VU only operates on playback. Use the Recording VU (F5) to monitor what’s being recorded.

Let us know how this goes…


I agree with Mark that you shouldn't need the Live Input button.
I think what he's describing indicates that he DOES need the live mode working. What he says sounds like it works when he records and plays back, but he want's to hear the live guitar coming out while recording. n-Tracks doesn't do this by default.

I think to get the Live button working a blank wave track may need to be inserted and it will need to be armed for recording. I don't use the Live button so I don't remember exactly what the trick was. It was more than just pussing the Live button and having it work last time I tried it. (V3.3)

That said, I think the latency will be a prohibitive issue with using the Live button unless other stuff is done to get it lower than the default SB Live setting will give.

Possibly, we need to suggest monitoring setups to help with that. Of course that means no realtime effects processing of the live guitar.

Yip (apart from the instablillity issue - Teej, that’s some point and shoot step by step instructions there - cool) - I agree with Phoo.

Might even be something as simple as opening the windows mixer and making sure that the line in / mic in on the playback side is not muted / too low.

I can play the guitar through the pc fine whether n-track is running or not.

Well, that settles that then. Wouldn't happen if its off ...

Allrigthy - moving right along folks, nothing to see here.

Nice weather we're having heh ?


Yes, very nice…???

My system is stable enough. It churned through that Prime 95 torture test for 9.5hrs with 0 warnings or errors and still ran its scheduled virus scan in the middle of it. The foundation is solid. Perhaps I need to look at the drivers I have installed… How do I tell what version soundcard I’m running (ie whether its a SB Live or a Live 5.1)?

The recording levels are adjusted as they should. I have had it working before that when I play a note on my guitar, the master EQ used to light up. I have used the tuner to tune my instrument on previous occasions through n and it certainly wasn’t on playback.

I am running n-track v4.04

Good. Prime is a great way to test a system for stability. If it ran over 9 hrs without an error, it’s solid.

Yes, look at drivers. The only way i know to verify a model number is to open the box and read the face of the card. Heads-up, if this isn’t a retail version, you may not be able to use the drivers you get from the Creative site. If the card was purchased in a Dell PC, for example, go to Dell to get drivers. Same with Windows Update. If it’s not a retail card, don’t assume that Microsoft has the right driver for that particular model.

Also, be wary of installing the bloatware that Creative provides with the card. WinXP offers native support for the retail version of the Live. I’ve used it for a couple years now without trouble.

There’s also the KX drivers for the Live which many folks here use. That’s an option for you as well.