I uninstalled version 4 and now having problems

Uninstalled vedrsion 4

Okay, I had version 4 installed. And upgraded to version 7. this left both version on my computer.
This morning I thought I’d be real smart and uninstall version 4 because I no longer need it.
I should have never done that… When I started version 7, it said it was missing a file, but started up.
And a lot of my effects are now gone.
What do I do? Reinstall? What will that do to all my settings?
Thank you

Yes, but I suggest you uninstall both versions completely. then just install version 7. tellthe program you want to remove the existing Config file so that you have a clean install. Do a rescan for your plug ins if necessary.

Well I uninstalled version 4 and this is why I am now having problems. I hate the thought of uninstalling and reinstalling. There will be something missing or not put back right.

Damn it. I should have just left both version on my computer.

I’m sorry that you are still having issues. Really what I suggested should have worked. You didn’t say what problems you are still having - not putting things back where they belong, I’m not sure i understand that. I presume you used the Windows Control panel to uninstall. Did you erase the directories? If you did that would , of course, require reinstalling any plug-ins you had installed there and make an uninstall from control panel impossible as information will be left in the Windows Registry that will be incorrect. - but I guess you know that. If you did that I would suggest you roll back Windows with the restore feature to before the mess started Did you create a new Config file and then enter the settings you want? A fresh install should have put everything where it belongs. You might want to contact NTrack support before you do anything and see what they can advise. I’m a bit concerned that reinstall did not fix thinks and I don’t want to cause you any problems - I can only tell you what I would do. Best ot luck and I hope you get this resolved shortly.

Hi, David. If it’s any consolation - I reinstall quite regularly with no probs. But - I hope, as does Bax, above, that you haven’t manually deleted the directories associated with V4?

I’m sure Bax, Flavio or someone will confirm that versions prior to V6 are configured differently in windows to later V’s. So that 7 has it’s own “n-Track” directory as opposed to the earlier “FASoft” one.

So if you uninstalled as Bax describes, via windows, your plugins are in C:>Prgs Files(x86)>FASoft or n-Track studio7 > VSTPlugins.

Good luck.

All is good. I uninstalled and deleted folders and it is all good. I have all my effects back to normal. Normal being like a fresh install.

the thing I was worried about is how to arrange the screen back to the way I am comfortable.

Like how do I move the track mixers to the left of the screen instead of at the bottom?

Right click the bar at the top of the section/ window / module
you want to move and upcheck allow docking. This will allow you to undock/ move the module

Thanks Bax3. Maybe it takes a bit of getting used to. But when I touch this stuff to reposition, I usually end up spending a frustrating 15 or 30 minutes trying to get it back to where I want it. Not the most user friendly. Or am I missing something?

I use two monitors so, and I am not having that trouble.
I do remember that there can be an issue if you are set to a different resolution than the program is optimized for, but I think that was more an issue of not all of the window showing completely. I run my monitors at different resolutions with different elements set to display on the different monitors, and I am currently not having any problems as you are describing.
The program is suppose to “remember” where you left things so that it is consistent when the program is started/shut down.
Maybe some one else can comment of this?