I want to configure Ntrack for midi

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Roland VSC is a lot of things Can be hardware, and evidently it can be a vsti. BUT after reading his post I am 99% sure its a synth with about a 433 ms delay that is included with Band In a box. Now getting it to play is another thing. It has to be selected under midi preferences. PG music (band in a box) has live help on their web site using messenger. I would give them a try.
PS it is not a bad sounding soft synth for the $$$$>

Fist, thanks to everyone who responded. In particular I need to thanks gtr4him for the graphics. I think I now understand How it is supose to work. Unfortunately, on my computer it does not.
I spent the morning trying to configure Ntrack to play and record Midi. I got it playing Midi and continued on it the belief that I could restore my backup of the configuration files if I got things crossways (do it everyday in version 3.3 at school) I could Not get it to work, even though I now have some understanding of how it Should work. It may be the Virtual Roland Sound Canvas. Anyhow, restoring the Config files did not restore things, and I had to klutz with the program for an hour to get it to play wave files - and now it no longer plays midi files. So, much for that. Fortunately, I have Band in a Box and PowerTracks and they work great. Midi files created in BB or PT can be rendered to wav files and then there is not a problem with Ntrack - just disappointing. And actually PT will play and record wav files as well as midi.
So, again. Thanks.