ideas for effects improving voice

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Looking for ideas on mixing, specifically enriching voice----

I don’t want it to sound like I have an echo/in a room, but want to enrich it and make it stereoish:)

currently using ntrack reverb plugin

First of all, nice song, enjoyed it very much. Overall mix is ok for me, maybe a little more panning and space of instruments. And maybe a little bit more compressing and EQing on mastering, this can pull out instruments and vocals nicely. You can try playing with the panning of effects run thru aux channels for fattening vocals. I have actually ran 2 verbs on vocals panned as far as 45 to both sides with offset panned verbs at 20. Setting up the verbs was the hardest so they don’t cancel out and sound center panned, can get almost a ping pong sound if you tweak enough. Hope this helps some!
Really enjoyed the song!:D


so i should mix down the tracks to one master track, and THEN play with the bass, mid, treble? I use bluecompressor, as it’s free, and apply a light compression on the final mixed wav.

as far as aux channels for the vocals, how do you do that? i have ntrack 4. I had been recording to mono and expanding to stereo on playback.

I liked the song alot. The music and the lyrics really kept my attention. Great job…Redd

I really wish got fixed up, right now you have to upload 192kb/s files, giving you less space, and they take a while to stick stuff online.

Using the aux channels…click on the little eq graph for the aux channel…you’ll see the eq spectrum at the top of the box and reverb always on at the bottom. Set your reverb as wished and make it entirely wet. Turn the gain up for the aux channel. Then go to individual tracks and turn up as much reverb you want for individual channel and pan it where ever you want. You can replace the effect in the aux channel to what ever you want, verb, delay etc etc. You can also play with the routing of the aux channel to pre or post masters. Hope this helps!:D

Also…using compression, depends on the song and the tracks…I usually do individual compression of tracks on mixdown using the built in compressor for individual channels and apply any effects to the mix. I mix down to 32bit mixes, then do a master of the mix using a Soft Limiter and EQ (all n-track on board effects)in the mains. I may be doing this wrong, so if any one else sees this maybe they can enlighten the both of us!:D

Nice! :) What voicing did you use on the keys? -steale


the two soundfonts were a cello and some strings
cello is BHCello soundfont(freely available on the internet)

and the background strings was Jr_synthstring1 from the jr free soundfont set

yaz, i am still confused, looking here in n-track 4.02. I see under mixer I can click on the graph to the left of the 3 eq knobs, what do i do from there? I see the aux1 and aux2 chans are at -inf.

what do you recommend for the best way to make it sound like a vocal track has 2-3 people singing it?

The top of the mixer has main channel, then the aux channel gains, then each aux channel. Click on the graph of one of the aux channels and you will see eq graph and reverb always on set at large hall (default). You can change the effect by clicking on the always on icon. Try using different effects or settings for spacing vocals tracks (widening). Go to the individual track (vocal track) put it on solo, adjust auxsend to desired levels and play with the panning of the aux send to put the effect in different places. Such as the vocal itself panned to say 25 left and the effect panned to 25 right. This is something I play around with for different songs. After making adjustments turn your solo off to see how it sits in the song. I will play with different effects to see what I think sits with the song the best, not always reverb. Also with a main vocal and say 2 harmonies I will put each harmony panned opposite of the main vocal and play with effects panned opposite to blend them with the lead vocal. The new n-track tempo delay works nicely with vocals, you just have to do some tweaking with the effect perimeters itself. Also tweaking other effects is a must so you don’t wind up with a nasty mid or low boom in your mixdown. Oh almost forgot. When setting up the effect in aux channels, don’t forget to set the aux at 0 at the top of the mixer and I usually set the effects at inf on dry and 100 percent on wet. But you can play with this to see what you need for the individual song itself. Hope this helps!:D

One other thing, if you insert an effect to the aux channel without clicking on the eq graph you will have reverb on this effect also(large hall default) and makes for headaches. I found this out the hard way before realizing the reverb always on was in the new 4. proggy. I never read manuals and such. Which is why when I assembled the new gas grill I had to take it apart and start over right at the very end, because I didn’t read the manual!:D

Hi David:
Thanks for posting a link to your project… It sounds great…

Regarding the request to the vocal tracks you have…

You might consider these ideas to Phaten up the vocal tracks…

1 Create a new song… and folder with-in the project folder you’re working in…

2 Copy/Import/and Rename each vocal track you have to the New Folder and on to a NEW Time-line… Do this with no plug-ins and Dry…

3 Dupe/copy each track 2-3 times…

4 Sample-Slide each track… let your ears tell you by how much… Play with EQ. of the Dup’ed tracks, separetly… always leave the original track untouched… Render the composite of each track still in the Dry State…

5 Then, create a new song and re-import the newly rendered tracks… Treat the rendered tracks with delay/verb, and whatever, and all…then compress/limit last…Then re-render that composite…

6 Haveing done all that to each track… Re-import each rendered track into the original project Time-line as renamed vocal tracks… You can try excluding the original vocal tracks or leave and remix with the original vocal tracks…Expirment… You can’t hurt anything… and… nothing is accomplished without effort…

7 Haveing done all of this to the vocal tracks, you may have to re-sync the NEW Vocal tracks you have created by re-aligning the new vocal tracks in the original Time-line of the project…


If that don’t work, try Re-Tracking the vocal tracks with a Classic U-87 or a U-147, or something like them… and with a Neive Pre-amp… “Magic Tracks” come by spending a lot of money… on hardware…

These are some ideas I’m playing with doing vocal tracks…


Hey haven’t listen to the song yet, but I have had simular problems trying to get just the right vocal sound so I’ll give you my two cents.
I used to use the rev. in track to try and make my voice sound better, but as most of the ntrackers pointed out to my, it was overkill, and got lost in the mix.
Then I learned about a technique called doubling, they’ve been using it since the Beatles day.
All you do is sing the song twice, trying to get the vocal the same both times.
Then offset one of the vocal tracks slighly foward or back which ever sounds better. Take the offset track and loewer the volume to -4 or so, just so theres a dominant vocal. Now pan the offset track to the left or right -12 or -8 use you ear till it sound right.
This keep all the original tone and depth to your voice while thickening it up making it sound fuller and inicen, which by your post is what your lookin’ for.
Now, If you can’t sing it perfectly the same both times, simply make a copy of your first vocal track, and slide it slightl;y forward or back to create the same effect.
As far as making 3 or more voices, I’m shure there’s a plug for that, uhmmm. Best bet is to post something in the other area looking for a choir FX.
GO here,

And listen to my vocals and see if this approach is right for the song in question.