sync quirks


I’m experiencing some minor, yet interesting problems while syncing N-track(master) to my Ensoniq TS-10 using MIDI clocks(TS-10 doesn’t support MTC). For the most part it works well, but I have a couple of glitches.

First of all I’m using 3.3(build 1516)… Here goes…

Problem #1- The keyboard ALWAYS syncs up fine if I start playback at the beginning of the track. It occasionally will NOT sync up properly if I start playback in the middle of the song. If I hit stop, then restart playback from the same point, again it does not sync up. This occurs at various points of startup, but I can’t seem to find any trend. I can move the pointer just .02 seconds prior or after the trouble point and it may well sync properly. Is this a bug with N-track or is there a setting I might need to change?(I’m using “continue”, “send SPP”,“0ms wait”, and internal timer)

Quirk #2-

I’m currently working on a piece in 3/4 time and I’m using some BPM changes. There is no problem with Fruity VSTi whatsoever. There is ALMOST no problem with my TS-10. However, if I place a BPM change at the 2nd or 3rd beat(and zero ticks), the TS-10 is stumped… but only with ticks set to zero. Any of these locations are fine- 14:1.0, 31:2.2, 6:3.27, and 8:4.1(actually works and places at 9:1.1). These are examples of settings that do not work- 8:2.0 and 14:3.0. This causes the TS-10 to sputter and fall WAY behind. Are those invalid numbers(i.e. zero ticks placed after any beat except the first in a measure)?? Any ideas?

Thanks for any help!!

Have you tested 4.0.2 on this ? I have done some quick tests yesterday and I’m impressed ! It feels like there are an awful lot of improvements in this area. At least you have a much better “visibility”.

Im not sure if what happen me is related or will help you marcus, but time ago i try to syncronize my old PSR with n using midi clock. I found that there was some little diffrences in accurate. Something like that my keyboard was playing a 120 bmp like 119,85 or similar. I believe that Learjeff had done some sync test also, if i correct remember. You can try ask him.