If I buy a small desktop mixer do I still

Quote (Tom Hicks @ Aug. 09 2005,16:22)
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I've owned a behringer DI box for a few years and never figured out what I should use it for. I've recently read that it could be useful in recording bass guitar.

Would putting the bass through the BI box and then the soundcard be better/worse/same as:

-- going directly into my Layla 20 bit interface/soundcard

--going through my ART Tube preamp

--going through my behringer mixer and then to the Layla?

Direct injection of the bass gives you a 60 dB boost via the board pres.

This is commonly done recording bass guitar.

Lots of guys also mic the amp and blend the two to suit.

Heaven forbid you should need 60dB of gain from an electric guitar or bass!

Well, I am going for a low output Danelectro lipstick sound and I use those flat refrigerator magnets that come stapled to pizza boxs. :D :;):


What kinda wire you wind those wif Bubba? :p