Importing files

—Is there a way to import EQ homemade presets in the n-Track Eq? And do they have to be presets made specifically in n-track or can they be from other EQs?
—What is the easiest way to import a wav file into n-track to use as a reference track for mastering?

Thank in advance for any answers.

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Currently, this is not possible on the iOS version. The EQ presets files are placed in a location that is not directly accessible to the user. We may think of adding a way to import/export your custom EQ presets to file.

You can add a new audio track and import the reference wav on it. Then add a meter plugin to this track to check the levels.
You can toggle between the reference track and your mastering by using the Mute/Solo buttons. If you have an external keyboard, shift+tap on the solo button is a convenient way to toggle between the tracks.
There’s one important caveat though: you must make sure that there are no plugins on the master output channel, otherwise they will alter the sound of your reference track too.
This means that you have to send your mixed track to a Group and add the mastering plugins on that.
What I would suggest is: after finishing your mix, do a mixdown of the project and start a new project for your mastering. In this new project you will just have your reference track and your mixdown, so it will be very easy to set the routing and toggle between the two. In some more complex cases at the end of your mix you may want to have group stems instead of a single mixdown, but most of the times (if your mix is done right) mixing down everything to a single track will be enough for mastering.

Let me know if that’s clear!

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