Importing long wav files

3 hours wav file to import

I have a 3 hours wav file that I want to import using N-track 6.0.5 64bits to edit it, but it only import 1 hour.
Can someone let me know how can I do that?

How large is the file? Can you import the file into any other program? It might be a restriction due file size or length. Limitations due to the amount of ram you have. What OS are you running? That will play a part in the file restriction due to the OS?


is a 51.7 mb wav file and I am using a windows vista home premium edition 64 bit
4096 MB 667mhz SDRAM, 320 HD, Intel DUO Core precessor.


is a 51.7 mb wav

You sure about the file size? I just dropped a 169MB file into N. But that is
15 minutes (one side of an album) @ 16bit 44.1khz.

They say about 10MB per stereo minute @ 16/44.1

Even so, 3 hours of 16/44.1 SB around 1.8gig

there’s a setting under preference-options that is set for 2gig wave file. try raising that. I suspect your file if 3 hours long has surpassed the 2 gig mark.

Could be that size (under 60 megs) if it’s compressed. Even .wav files may have compressed data, but most don’t. n-Tracks will have to convert it to uncompressed pcm when it imports the file. The size of that file will be huge. Conversion may take a while. Most uncompressed pcm files have an upper limit of 4 gigs for the data size.