In Ear Monitoring

I’m looking to upgrade my ear pods - I’d like to hear ya’lls input.

For stage use or for listening to Hannah Montana on the airplane?

lol - Stage - live performance - house set up.

these are what we bought for one of my bands…aside from 1 driver going bad due to beer consumption, they have been awesome.…ion.php

I have been using the Shure E1s for a few years now and really like them for the bucks.

Holy Mega-Simoleans Clark-man!!! $850.00 !?!?!?!? WOW!

I use crappy little 25 buck Koss earbuds onstage and for listening to Britney on airplanes… They sound awful though, but with Brit, who can tell?

850/25… hmmm… that’s 34 pair of the little turds I use. :p


PS My bad… it was Hannah Montana… err wait, what’s the difference? Never mind…

I know. I know. Took some soul seaching(and couch cusion searching…)

But they do sound a lot better than my E2’s(which are now relegated to Hannah Montana duty)

Nice bass response which was missing and molded to my goofy ass ears.

YMMV. alot.


Shure E2’s did me well for a LONG time, much as the E1’s are doing for Bubbagump.

I think I went through more belt transmitters than pods.

Looks like they are SCL2’s now……=270648

So that is a nice place to look!


Thanks guys - I’m watching the SCL2’s on ebay over the last week - I’ll probably go with them.

PW…do you go wireless or wired?

We’re wired.
Cat 5 to the 8 channel mixers. Everyone has their own mixer.

Brilliant. Takes out one of the excruciating variables with IEM…seems I am due for a new transmitter as mine has a nagging cutting out bit that seems to be getting worse and worse. It was virtually unusable last week.

I like the idea of hard wired, but it might limit the jumping around and falling down and stuff that happens at times…

It at church so I don’t mind the wire - I rarely get drunk and I’m too reserved to be pentecostal.

My little corner.

Eeeewww! A strat! :laugh:

here we go…


Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Oct. 01 2008, 12:51 PM)

We're wired.
Cat 5 to the 8 channel mixers. Everyone has their own mixer.

Sweet PW.

We have an AVIOM system. 16 channels to each personal mixer over CAT 5e cabling.

1- Kick
2- Tom1
3- Tom2 (Occasionally pulls double duty as an extra acoustic guitar channel)
4- Snare
5- Drum OH
6- Bass
7- Electric Guitar 1
8- Electric Guitar 2
9- Acoustic 1
10- Keys L (Usually run as a spare VOX channel)
11- Keys R
12- Blue vocal mic
13- Brown vocal mic
14- Orange vocal mic
15- Purple vocal mic
16- Wired mic for Acoustic 1 Vocal

The "color coded" vocal mics are wireless Sennheisers. The wired mic is an SM58. I haven't looked to see what the wound up using on the drums. The OH is an AKG Perception 200 LD condenser.

It's pretty awesome having your own control over the entire monitor mix. The only things we don't have in it yet are the choir mics. I suggested ditching the Tom mics and using those channels for the choir. I normally have the kick, snare and OH jacked up. That's all that's really needed as the OH gets plenty of toms. Oh well... not my job. Thank goodness!!

Quote: (teryeah @ Oct. 01 2008, 1:21 PM)

Eeeewww! A strat!

I oughta fly over there and give you a purple nurple Teryeah! :p

Strats are COOL! :agree:

I've been thinking about putting Strat pup's in my Pro-Jet...


Ok, I haven’t been in a church in years, but I cannot believe how “set-up” you guys are!
Big production.

Gone are the days of two RS Omniball mics and 20-watt vocal amp, I guess.


Quote: (clark_griswold @ Oct. 01 2008, 1:40 PM) you go wireless or wired?

Jesus is big money anymore... Thus so many "preachers" end up in the slammer. A market with a lot of trusting people and a willingness to give.