In My Life

Totally self indulgent and I don’t care!

I thought I’d try out my new Christmas pressie toys…first time I’ve ever done one in a single day start to finish (I know it’s nowhere near the hour or so you spend to get pro studio quality Tom!)

My favourite song ever written.

I have to ask…do any of the old school think there is an improvement in recording?


Excellent Craig! Typical great stuff from the ol’ mud slinger… :laugh:


I have to ask…do any of the old school think there is an improvement in recording?

After I got over the offense of being called “Old school”… LOL! Yes… I believe your recording and mixing skills have improved over the years I’ve been listening to your stuff.

VERY well done.

UJ - still not a Beatles fan though… :laugh:

PS If I had your voice, I’d be rich…

With your voice and phrasing it’d sound great into a wire recorder. :agree:

What are the new toys specifically? I think it sounds wonderful.

It sounds awesome to me. I wonder what the music we grew up with would have been if those guys had n-track and home computers???

Yeah, one of my fave songs. Nicely done. Great vox.

Whoa! Smashin’ that, Craig.

(harbouring a fantasy of you and me covering a Sqeeze track;-)

Thanks guys!!

Tom my new toys…all plugins…

Sindo v3.5 Stereo Expander
nXtasy Harmonic saturation
Spectraphy pro loudness maximizer

All cheap as chips.

Tony I love a good Squeeze tune…lets do it!

(and thanks again to all the old skool heh heh!)

Oh I forgot…Battery 3 drums

Hi spreadercraig:

Your Musicianship and Tracking and Editing Energy is working just fine along with your Rendering Skills…
You are now left with deciding how much money you want to receive from all the energy you place into your craft…

That’s a facenating bundle of plugs you use…

I’m sure many of the Big Guys, in the Business, in your Country, already know who you are… You are quite able to compete with them on many of their levels …

Get busy and work on your Business part of your Music…


Sounds pretty much perfection Spreadie. Although, if I had your writing skills, I wouldn’t bother with cover songs :) Your harmonies are always spot on…great skill.

Battery - that sounds really good.

Hey Bill. Kind words thanks. That would be a dream come true.

Cheers Willy…I just had a bout of selfishness as its Christmas… :;):

I’m only just stgarting with Battery but there seems some great features with it…one I’ve yet to try is ‘humanizing’…


Humanizing often just means a certain amount of random moving of the notes. The problem is, in some sections a snare should push, e.g., in others drag, and humanizing is only useful after you get those sorts of things done. It does help a little psychologically, seems to me.

Quote: (Willy Eckerslike @ Dec. 29 2010, 9:27 AM)

Although, if I had your writing skills, I wouldn't bother with cover songs


*Tapping foot impatiently...* (Waiting on a CV original... already tapped on Tom... :laugh: )


Wait, if Craig posts some tracks, I would pay money to have a go at them.

Well… yeah… but I just meant; "WRITE and RECORD some MORE of YOUR tunes Craiger!!"

If you want help mixing I’m sure you’ll have no shortage of volunteers. :)


PS If you’d put out a CD’s worth of tunes Craig… I’d buy it/them in a heartbeat. :agree:

Quote: (TomS @ Dec. 29 2010, 6:41 PM)

Wait, if Craig posts some tracks, I would pay money to have a go at them.

I've covered 3 of I owe you some cash? :whistle: :D :D

No, Ian, I think I owe you. :agree: