inbuilt MBUILD 2199

MIDI to wave convertor

MIDI fanatics -
now you can record a standard MIDI track to a WAVE file without using any plugin instruments - that is if your soundcard has an inbuilt MIDI synth - ie, most Audigys - great news for SF2 users - who can change the MIDI instrument sets at will -

if you dont have a MIDI synth on your soundcard the instructions will tell you how to overcome it but it looks like you will be limited to the standard M $oft synth -

TRACK/MIDI/convert MIDItrack to wavefile, then follow the wizard -

just tried it with my Audigy NX2 USB, worked first time -

Dr J

sorry the topic title got mashed up - but you cant edit that -

Hasn’t this been in n-track for like, forever?

And doesn’t this wizard delete the midi track at the end?

Quote (XonXoff @ Jan. 12 2007,18:14)
Hasn't this been in n-track for like, forever?

And doesn't this wizard delete the midi track at the end?



Maybe a little clarification is in order? With VSTi’s and DXi’s n has been able to directly render .wavs for quite some time. Some MIDI playback devices though have not… at least not without various bits of tom- foolery with “Record what you hear” kind of junk. Mostly, I’m thinking about Hardware synths on internal soundcards or hardware soundfont players. I remember YEARS ago with 3.? using a patch cord from line-out to line-in on my POS soundcard to record MIDI to .wav. Of course it was real time and what a PITA!


OR you can just use SFZ, a FREE soundfont VSTi player from

Then you can play soundfonts on ANY soundcard, not just Creative’s…

Right… and I do believe n-Track will render through SFZ just fine. I don’t use Soundfonts myself but I recall others talking about SFZ and how cool it was that n would render them.

Thanks for pointing that out Tim.