Individual channel assignments for Ntrack drums

I’m running the most current version on windows 10. Can I assign each drum from the ntrack drums acoustic kit to it’s own audio track and if so how? I’d love to be able to isolate each piece of the kit for better eq and mixing flexibility

Hello Roger,
Sorry for the late reply, I don’t check in often.
Personally I find it easiest to keep all the drum parts on the same track until they’re ready to be separated and individually eq’d.
I then create the number of MIDI tracks needed to accommodate the individual parts required
Eg: I’d initially create an an extra 2 MIDI tracks, copy and paste the whole drum track into each, so that I have three exact copies. I’d then delete cymbals and snare from one and use it as a bass/toms track, delete the cymbals and bass/toms and use it for only the snare, then delete everything but cymbals and hats from the third and use it for the top end.
This way I get a reassuring 3 tracks for eq’ing and nothing is duplicated.
It’s quite easy to do this with more MIDI tracks for specific instruments.
Remember to save as often as possible.
I avoid using “clone track” as if you make a change to one, it will affect the other clones.
I hope this helps.
Kind regards,

thanks for the reply bud. that’s what i ended up doing. i was just trying to lighten the load by not having so many plugins going. there’s supposedly a way to route different channels inside ntrack drums but I’m a little confused by the manual. it doesn’t seem to conclusively instruct how to actually do that. maybe if you figure it then shoot me a message. thanks man