individual track file location?

where are the .wav files?

So, I am trying to copy my recorded songs to another computer for editing and I only see the .sng files. I have the folder identified in preferences - working folder - as this is where the .sng files are, but I can not find any associated files. Thus when copying the .sng files to the other computer, they open with empty tracks. What am I missing here?


If you saved the individual files under unique names a search should find them…
However, a good way to gather the file is with the File >Rename /move files command … You can use that to move all the files that are associated with the sng file to a directory of your choice.
You can also use the command to append a name of each song to all of the files all from that one menu.
I frequently use the File >move to store files to
a seperate subdirectory for each song.
A good trick is to name the file wih the songs
Name before you do any recording.
That will name all of the files you record, or that Ntrack creates to the Name of the song .
Of course, you can also create a subdirectory as well.
Saves time and organize things nicely.

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Adding to what Bax said, you can always find the path to an audio file right clicking on the waveform and selecting 'Reveal in folder' command from the popup menu.


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Thanks Bax / Flavio. The rename/move command worked great. And, I will now use ‘save as’ prior to recording to have things set up in individual song folders - good tips! Also, good to know how to identify file locations.



This is a good tip, I’m going to close it now and move it to the tips section.