inexpensive MOBO for use with Inca88?


My son and a friend are setting up a multitrack recorder at the bar where they work. I got him an Inca88, and his computer has an ASUS Intel chipset MOBO which should be fine for audio. But they want to put together a cheap system to be able to leave at the bar, and the subject of MOBO came up.

They have a number of parts already scrounged up, so the main expense will be the MOBO and CPU (and probably a copy of XP, but I’m guessing there). I’ll also be recommending they get a 2nd hard drive in a swap-bay, but that’s something they can always add later.

Anyone have any experience with Inca88 and n-Track?

Can anyone recommend an inexpensive MOBO that should work well with that combination? I’m guessing they’ll be using either a Celery or Athlon CPU, probably a used one that’s been swapped out for a faster one by other friends that build PCs as a business (and the source of many of the parts).

I’ll probably donate an n-Track licence for the cause. The friend already has a number of other DAW programs he’s collected (though not used much), but I’d rather they use something I can help them with.

I’ve enjoyed seeing my son take an interest in one of my hobbies. This was his idea and he’s motivated, and it’s something we can add to the list of things to do together. :)


From an acquaintance: Go an intel based motherboard.

Right, Willy! So far, that’s the advice I’ve given, as the best way to avoid problems.