insert/delete measures?

Is there any way to insert or delete measures from a song other than cutting and shifting each track separately?

Hmmm - it seems that “N” is missing some basic DAW editing features.

I don’t see a whole lot of questions about audio editing and MIDI/VSTi stuff on this forum. Do most of you folks use this program as a digital tape recorder rather than full DAW (i.e., where you cut and paste phrases, “comp” vocals, etc.)? While these things CAN be done on “N” they do not appear to be straight forward.

Does anyone have any tricks for editing portions of songs (inserting/deleting measures, copying chorus, etc.)?

Errrmmm EDIT–>INSERT ?

But there is no delete bars function that I know of.

I routinely comp vocals etc in N-track and find it most useable once you’ve found a way of working. Sure, there’s always one or two things that might be easier but that’s true of most software.

For example, if you could zoom-out and then select a bunch of parts by dragging a box around them (like in Windows Explorer), that would be cool. At the moment you have to select all the parts individually (SHIFT key).



"At the moment you have to select all the parts individually (SHIFT key)."

Are you saying that you are able to select multiple tracks/parts to copy by pressing the SHIFT key? That doesn’t seem to work in my version (1774). If I want to copy a chorus section, for example, I have to select, copy and paste every track separately. I cannot copy all applicable tracks at once as a block.

Is there a setting somewhere that controls this or did I misunderstand your comment above?

You can select multiple parts by holding down the SHIFT key an dclicking on them. About all you can then do is drag them all around together - you can’t copy/paste them as a block - unfortunately.

I generally only cut and paste on a single track at a time. I agree it can be a bit of a pain when working with many tracks.


HRM, on a roland vs2480 I get to play with sometimes you can select a selection from a bunch of tracks and do what you want with them (silence that part, cut it out entirely, movie it somewhere else or duplicate it). I did not know I could not do that in ntrack (i haven’t gotten that far with it yet to find out). There are ways around it, but all I can think of are long ways.

Of course technically if you decide you want to change the arrangement of a song it may be a good idea to redo it. Or you can always mix down then move stuff around then (of coure no chance to change effects on individual chanels after that is done).

Do any of the competitors (cubase, protools) have this feature? I assume so if the onboard software on a roland system does .

Yep. In PT, you can assign a group of tracks and any moving, duplicating, whatever will be done on the group selected…