Insufficient input signal

Unable to access Windows Volume Control

My system consists of the following:

1. Desktop computer: ASUS P4T533-C motherboard (Intel 850 E chipset) (CPU 2.26 ghz)

2. N-track 24 bit (latest version)

3. ADK (AP-1) preamp connected to ADK Hamberg Mic

4. Art Tube MP preamp connected to AKG C1000S microphone.

5. Audio interface: RME DSP9632 Hammerfall (with balanced breakout cables) All interconnects are Zaolla silver wire XLR & TRS.

Problem: I have been attempting to use ASIO driver at +4 nominal levels to achieve best latentcy results. My ASIO controls are set at 256 buffer ; 44100 frequency khz.

I have experienced a problem raising the input levels( on the N-track) VU meters to an acceptable level when recording acoustic guitar with use of mics. I have to turn the gain knobs on the mic preamps to the highest levels to get near the yellow shaded areas on the VU meters. It appears that “something” is limiting the full input signal from the mic preamps. I accessed the Windows Volume Control which depicts my RME 9632 as the default playback and recording device. The volume controls are shaded and can not be accessed. It appears that the Windows Volume Control ( mic input) is low. I was not sure if all PCI audio cards deactivate the Windows Volume Control when used with N-track.

Anyone having a similar problem or any suggestions for a solution.


I would think you should be using RME’s TotalMix software to control the card… NOT the Windows mixer.