ION IED01 drum kit

SOS article

Anyone got any comments on the Ion IED01 electronic kit?

Any SOS subscribers prepared to summarise the Oct 2005 review in the magazine?




no one?


They liked it a lot, quote “for lightweight studio use its simply brilliant value for money”.The drum brain is a rebadged Alesis SR16, they thought the weakest parts were the foot pedals.


Excellent. Thank you nick.


I have tried the ION electronic drum kit hands-on myself - and I was very dissappointed. The dynamics were all over the place and hard to control, the feel of the kit was cheap to say the least, the pedals moved about even on a carpeted floor, and the rig itself seemed very fragile.

I liked the sounds, though - perhaps that is why I bought a SR16 box earlier last year. I have a soft spot for Alesis’ sounds, I guess. If the dynamics were reworked, the kit might be worth the money if you’re on a budget, but as it stands now, it’s just a toy, not a musical instrument. I wouldn’t recommend it, but I urge you to locate a kit and try it out yourself - YMMV.

I tried a Yamaha kit next to it (costing five times as mich, admitted) and it was a breeze to play, even though I’m not a drummer. Any musical instrument should be like that - effortless to play expressively.

regards, Nils