Is asio4all free?

I finally downloaded this, from, for WinXP. I thought I was hearing things in nTrack until I finally figured out it was some kind of sound that comes every 20 secs that seems to be coming from the Asio4all. I also see the message “this sound comes every 20 sec” or something like that. I also seem to have 2 versions of it installed, “asio4all v2” (v2.7) and “wuschel’s asio4all” (2003-2004). Either one I choose gives me that sound. I don’t really have any other other non-native sound drivers installed and when I choose anything other than asio4all, the sound and message goes away. So is this program free or not? I haven’t done that much reading yet, heh.

yes, it’s free.

However, you may have the 16bit version of n-track and the ASIO drivers at 24bit. This will give the symptom you are describing… that any if you are using unregistered plugins.

Thanks, I did a little more prodding and found that it was indeed an unregistered plugin (Vsti), i.e. it finally expired and enabled cripple mode. I checked the plugin’s docs, but there was nothing about this. What happened was that the sound/msg only activated when I had ASIO drivers on, but it disappeared if I used WDM. This means I won’t be able to use the Vsti in realtime Live mode with ASIO now, which is alright, but I have been fully able to mixdown with the plugin using WDM. Better than nothing, hehe. Not sure if anything else will explode or break with this Vsti using WDM, but I wonder if the plugin’s company overlooked the fact that I can still use it sans ASIO … but I’m not about to ask them, lol. And since it’s expensive, it’s something I can’t buy anytime soon.

Oh, and now that I have the latest Asio4all installed, I can’t figure out how to uninstall the older version. I’m not sure where the files are residing as they aren’t in the new version’s folder.

Glad you’re getting somewhere.

Try Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, to see if the old ASIO4All has an uninstall entry

There is an entry, but only for the latest version.