is it possible to assign the drums to keyboard?

is n-track like vienna

i use to own awe 64 sound card and it had a software and i could play the drums on my keyboard and i tried to see if its possible to do the same with n track midi drums and i was hoping if some one here could tell me if its possible or not?

It is possible, I did it for fun after I got a MIDI keyboard …, but I can’t remember how at the moment.
I will play around with it and try to figure it out.
I think it’s pretty simple though, just routing the MIDI keyboard output to N-drums.

ok thanks mate

I tried to duplicate it, but I couldn’t remember how to do it; I mean I got the MIDI track to take dignals from the keyboard and route them to other VST instruments but I couldn’t get N-Drums itself to receive the signal … ? If I find a way I’ll post it. Sorry