Is there a way to shut off Midi learn on iPad?

The Midi learn pop up is very annoying on my iPad. It pops up when I am just trying to chance volume settings or at other totally inopportune times and just gets in the way! I don’t even have a midi controller attached to my iPad.


the MIDI learn popup appears when you long-press on a control. It shouldn’t interfere with the normal operation on say volume and pan sliders. Make sure you don’t hold the same position just after the initial tap. You can hold the same position after you tap, then move and then hold, but if you tap and hold that gesture will be recognized as a long-press.


Thanks. On my iPad the long press is triggered way to easy! I trigger it about 70% of the time unintentionally. There needs to, I think at least, be a bit more delay, especially as on my 11 inch iPad the controls are very small!

Thank you thank you thank you! With the update this morning the gain sliders and other touch controls are SO much easier to use! You fixed the one thing that I found frustrating about the app! I am totally impressed with your customer support and care! Thank you!