Is this possible?

controlling MIDI over LAN

After trying now and again for years, I finally got my audio machine (Athlon with M-Audio Delta44) to network to my MIDI computer (Pentium III with SoundBlaster Live!) via a direct (CAT5 crossover) cable. Now I would like to use the midi keyboard connected to the PIII (via SB gameport) to control VSTi instruments on the audio system.

My questions are: can I do this? and how? I checked at the Shareware Music Machine, and they had a software that seemed it might do the job (FX Teleport), but it’s $99US, and the budget just cannot handle it this month. There was another SW there called MIDIoverLAN CP, but it requires XP, and I am still using 98SE, so… :(

Any advice will be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance!
Tony W

It´s free, but not sure if it works in win9x, gave it a look:

and a discussion about it:…thernet

I read the docs for that one marce. I did not see any mention of Win98. It may or may not work.

Tony, you might download the .zip file and read the readme.txt file before you go to a lot of trouble. It sounds a little complicated to set up…


Thanks guys! I’ll check that out this afternoon…

'til later;

From the web site:

"EthernetMIDI is a free, open source (GPL license) application that allows forwarding MIDI data between 2 PC using arbitrary network devices that provide fast IP forwarding. A 100Mbit LAN will work fine.

For now it runs only on Windows but it will soon run on OS X and Linux too.
Please see the Documentation in the README.txt file contained in the ZIP file."

We my have a winner here! :D

Thanks again!

The network part of the application would work for any version of Windows. Not sure about the application MIDI interface, but I doubt they changed that part radically either.