Its cheap, It looks cool

So I’m getting one

I have read lots of opinions on mics and preamps but I decided my new criteria is:

Does it look cool?

I’m going to try one based on general coolness!

hm, interesting… this guy appears to be from winnipeg, manitoba, canada (which is where i am from).

I guess that means you’re appointed the official ntrack rep to find their offices and test one and report back here.

Thanks for volunteering!

heck yeah

details…lots of details.

found another group of people discussing it here:…3795c40

but haven’t read anything by someone who’s got it in their hands.

i’m going to investigate it a bit more, and maybe purchase one. it’s cheap enough. according to the website, they are out of stock due to high demand, and will have more on oct 30.

unfortunately, i probably don’t know enough about this stuff to give you guys alot of useful information. i just like to mess around :wink:

plus… didn’t you already say YOU were getting one!

Hi Guys:
At that price and by looking at the specs. I think I’ll write them some mail. The question from me is… Can they supply a matched pair and If they can. my mic locker just may be expanded by two more mics…


I sent some mail off to the address and asked if they can supply a graphic profile on a matched pair and what would be the expected delivery date on them… We’ll see what come back in some return mail…

[EDIT] 2
It appears they are made in China, well. Hense, the price…


the webpage mentions somewhere that they CAN offer matched pairs and that every mic gets it’s own frequency response chart. My question will be how much this service costs and if the price also includes shipping to germany.


Hi Elwood Blues:
They sure look interesting to me… The diaphragm size looks good and the body size and all… It’ll be interesting how the mechnical noise up through the mic stands will be.

You know the Loonie is going through the roof in relation to the Green-Back… It’s in the .80 cent range… All our currencies are tied to the performance of the US market place… Believe it or not… I was quite happy with the Loonie being at some .62-.65 cents… Anyway, all that is another story… Well…

These mics are not cheap … I’m trying to think what other manufacturer has mics in that same value/spec range… Nothing comes to mind… right at the get-go…

Does Canada/Germany have some tarriff agreement? I’m not sure… And shipping should not be a big factor… Winnipeg is almost 3 days on the road from where I live…

There’s a lot of rocks and woods and swamps, between here and there… :p


You’re right, Bill. Even if they demand 15$ shipping it’s not much. I mean the price without shiping is 57€. You don’t even get a SM58 for 57€ here.


I’m curious - I think they did the freq plot themselves.

Interesting mic, however- how many of us have a 1/2 inch condensor? I have the Rode one that went out of production, it’s sound differs distinctly from LD and SD mics - dunno how much of that is due to the diaphram size…

I’ve got 6 old Sony battery powered things. They are in the 1/2 inch ballpark. These are old mics from the early 70’s - some of the first battery powered condensers to be mass produced. This kind of mic is very common these days, and usually very cheap, but the ones these days aren’t nearly as good.

They have a great sound on just about anything, and I’ve used them on literally everything from kick to vocals to close drums to acoustic to room mic. They were great at all of it. The down side is that they are VERY susceptible to movement and wind noise – no singing directly into these things without a BIG pop screen.

I don’t use them much anymore because the are so old and I don’t what to kill them. The were $50 each in 1974.

OH…they work off of a single AA (last about 6 months of constant use), but can work off of two 6 volt photo batteries with raises the headroom a lot. Noise is their worst problem by far, and it’s not really that bad when recording analog - digital really shows where the mic noise comes from and it was usually buried in tape hiss in the old days.

Anyway, if the kelaudio things are close to similar, and they sound like it from reading their stuff, they may be well worth the price…and you don’t have to keep replacing batteries.


Did I say I was getting one? Well maybe…anyway, I followed the link you posted. It sounds like one of the guys there has one coming in the mail so we may get a real review in a couple of days.

"Its cheap, It looks cool, So I’m getting one"


"I’m going to try one based on general coolness!"

so, i assumed you were getting one.

Yes but that was before I realized that I was overstepping the authority of the official Canadian branch of the nTrack mic review team.

I apologize for going over your head.

Plus the windshield wiper motor just died on our van and we have to get that fixed.

But it is the very next thing on our budget!

Hi Guys:
I sent Kelly (the Operator) some mail late last week… He returned me some mail, this morning. These mics are on Back-Order and will be supplied to people who have ordered them, when the shippment comes in…

I asked him the question regarding “Matched” pairs… His reply was, they come in with a graphic profile… But he does some acoustic Quality Control, so that a pair of mics ordered by one person wouldn’t be “Off-the-Chart”… And he said that he would ship them at the “Single” unit price as this shipment is still on Back-Order…

And the question on the mail return was… Do the mics come with a Mic Clip and Mic Cable? I’m waiting for a reply, regarding that question…



I think I will just be purchasing one at this point, but how important is it getting a “matched pair” if you plan to use 2 similar mics?

Doug W

They sound like an interesting mic, claiming to be a bit flatter in the mids. I think this is a good thing as I like to work with contrasts a bit these days, so maybe pairing one of these with an NT1 on a guitar or amp might blend well. Or, if you have particularly bright pres (something I’ve heard leveled at both Mackie and Berry) it might even it out nicely.

Cheap in AU terms too. Might get one, let me know what you think of it.


Hi Doug W:
I never did have a matched pair of mics. But there are advantages to haveing a pair. For me, I think it would mean that the responce of the pair would be predictable across the frequency bandwidth of the audio, being recorded. Guitar, Bass, Fiddle, Mandolin, Voice… whatever… Double Tracking can then be done with a pair of mics… The only thing that becomes important is the “Sonic” Distance/Placement of the mics… But that is mabey just one aspect of a pair of matched profile, mics…

The only mic I have in my mic closet that I have more that one of, is, I have three E/V 635A’s… Now, they sound pretty good, but, I have only used them for tracking one-at-a-time… Never in a stereo application… However, I tracked acoustic guitars with them… One for the guitar and one for listening at the room that the guitar was being played, in…


Thanks for the explanation. I have recorded my guitar and mandolin with an SM57 and a pickup but never with 2 mics.

The best sounding mic I ever heard on my mandolin was in a studio about 15 years ago. The guy had a tiny little Shure condenser, Have no idea of the model but man that was a sweet sound.