Jamstix Drum Pak 2 is out

For those of you that use JS and don’t visit the JS forum much Drum Pak 2 is out.

Just downloaded it and it sounds great!!

Introductory special price on at the moment
It’s a 217Mb download and unzips into 500Mb worth of samples.

A nicer kick than DP1 for my ears/tastes
also the close stereo kits sound great. Very “in your face” and intimate
And the Rod kits even more so…

I don’t think Ralph and his team ever stop working!!!


Thanks Rich.

JS is in on my “must get” list. Been watching the forum for sometime and had a good play with the demo. Sooooon…


I’ve been looking at Jamstix, I have Fruity Loops which I use predominantly for my drum tracks.

Can someone who has used both let m eknow what advantage, if any, Jamstix has over Fruity??

Many thanks

Fruity is good if you like working with loops and is probably better suited to dance/techno/acid type of music.
You mix our loops and can also use midi programming for your drums.
It will play what you program in or what loops you use and that is it.

Jamstix on the other hand will either come up with drum beats completely on it’s own (if used in free jam mode) or will play rhythms that yo uselect or program in but then will add variations, accents etc. based on the settings you use.

You could turn off all of the “brain” features of Jamstix and it would play the rhythm exactly as programmed and in this instance would be the same as pretty much any drum program out there, but it is the variations that JS does to the hits and accents/fills etc. that make it unique (as far as I know) so that your drum lines don’t sound the same all the way through.

You could get the same results using midi programming but you’d need to go through the whole song and vary the hits and add accents etc. manually.

Jamstix is better (IMHO) for rock/pop/jazz type of music.
That is what most of teh inbuilt rhythms are suited to.

For metal it may be ok depending on what you are looking for… actually it would be fine, but you’d need to program a lot of your own rhythms as the rhythms aren’t really suited to metal, but the drum samples themselves are…