Jamstix users.....

OK, I’m almost ready to wave the white flag. The learning curve seems so steep and the the program seems so non-intuitive that I’m almost ready to give up and search elsewhere for a different drum program.
Maybe somebody can enlighten me and make me change my mind. Here’s my current problem.
I’m using Ntrack and Jamstix on a pc w/ a Catalina Turtle Beach sound card. Now that I’ve finally figured out how to (sort of) set up a drum arrangement,…How am I supposed to save it. My machine/soundcard evidently won’t let me convert it to a wave file. I can’t seem to find anyway to save the arranged drum tracks, everytime I save a project in Ntrack and try to open it back up Jamstix has reverted to it’s default settings and all my hardwork to set up the arrangement is gone.
Like I said, I’m almost ready to send Jamstix to the recycle bin and look elsewhere. Maybe I should dig out my old dr550. Wasn’t the greatest sounding thing but at least I could get useful sounds out of it.
comments and suggestions greatly appreciated.

When you save your sng file in n_Track it should save all your Jamstix settings too.

So when you re-open the sng file and press play, jamstix will play the same as what it did prior to saving. (provided you have Jamstix set to Manual Jam and to use the arrangment (ie. not improvise it’s own stuff).

Is the Arranger window completely reset when you go and look at it after saving and then re-opening your sng file??

To convert the jamstix drums to wave simply do a mixdown.
If you just want the drums on separate wavs mute all other tracks.

I Usually don’t bother mixing down to wav though any more.
I just leave as a VSTi and have 4 Jamstix outputs and can still apply effects to the 4 JS channels and route them to AUX’s etc. and then just include in the final mixdown.


After another unfruitful multi hour session of attempting to get Jamstix to produce a very simple, saveable drum track, I GIVE UP. While I’m not an Einstein, I’m not a knucklehead either, and this program has got to the most user unfriendly thing I’ve ever seen.
I’ve downloaded RhythmRascal and in half an hour had a grip on the program and generated a wav file of the drum tracks that loaded right into NTrack.
That was a waste of $150. Oh well, live and learn.

Thanks for letting me vent. :angry:

Before giving up why not try the Jamstix forum. You’re more likely to get help to specific issues over there than here.

RhythmRascal and Jamstix are two completely different products. RhythmRascal is really just a software drum machine whereas Jamstix is an attempt to emulate a real drummer and improvise drum tracks to your playing. It is therefore much more complicated.

Have you tried the new drum Vsti in the latest beta build of n-track. It’s very good, and free with V4.

If you really are gonna’ give up on jamstix… I’ll use it :)