Jawbone /Vibra-Slap Plugin Needed

It never hurts to ask, but, has anyone run across a plugin that resembles the old “jawbone” or vibra-slap percussive sound? (like on “Spill The Wine” by Burdon/War, or ‘“The Man Who Sold The World” by Bowie). My ol’ mule out in the back pasture won’t give me his jaw, and I really don’t want to buy a vibra-slap.


According to my General Midi chart, it appears that Vibra-slap is note number 58 (A#3) on the GM percussion set.

And I see that Halion has one, so I 'spect other sample engines do too. So either that or a good GM Soundfont or a good GM soft synth perhaps?


Are you using a real soundfont or are you using the VST plugin player for playing old soundfonts?


I’ve found some vibra-slap samples in my Kontact library, they’re 44.1 16 bit samples, standard wav format, so if you want them, just PM me.

EDIT: No, I haven’t used soundfonts in years. I use softsynths and samplers; Hypersonic is my main softsynth, and I use Kontact and Halion samplers too.

Well, if you or anybody else is interested, I actually found a free VST instrument plugin that will let you load up an old soundfound file (sf2).

I wanted to try the N-track drums but hated the sounds. Then I remembered the old sound fonts for the SB cards.

I’m looking for the link… here it is:


yep. A lot of sfz users here. I find soundfonts.it and hammersounds.net to be good places to go for soundfonts. There are others.