Jazz Grass

Hot pickin’

Here are some cuts I recorded in 1999. These were mastered by Bill Wolfe. Hope you like them.

Song one

Song two

Song three

I hate listening to your music because it always puts mine to shame! just kidding, I actually really like your music. In song one, were you trying to get a “train feeling?” I loved them all.

I’m not playing anything on these, I just tracked them. I’m glad you liked them. It’s interesting that a train came to mind. The original concept was going for that Django sound. The guitar is a gibson L5 that is just mic’d, no amps involved. I used an akg 535eb on the lower bout and a rode nt2 about 2’ away for room sound. I really used the rooms on these recordings to get an older feel. The house was built in 1848 and has 12’ ceilings. Thanks for giving a listen and the comments.
Remember I said these were professionally mastered. My mastered ones sounded about a 10th of what Billy Wolfe can do. He does all of David Grismans stuff.