Jewish Folk Song

Gam Ki Eileich

This new song called Gam KiEileich (bottom of the page there) was just uploaded my motagator site.

I’ve been looking at a few different ways to mix and master it.

First I chose to upload for review has endorfin applied to a mixdown. (poor man’s mastering) I choose the “loud and punchy” setting because the volume was way too low.

(EDIT: that’s been deleted -)

Then I uploaded a version without the mastering.

EDIT: Version 3 just uploaded. bubbagump sagely advised me to remove some of the frequencies that were making the guitar too harsh. guitar is now more pleasant and I increased its volume a bit

Any thoughts?

(Still working on playing to a click track - I’ll master it eventually…)

Well, I don’t comment too often on thie part of the board, but FWIW: the bass sounds flat, as does the harmonica - well, something’s not in tun with something. :) And as you say it is really really really hard to play to a click track…

The vocal is nicely out in front. But everything needs a bit of air.

what mics are you using?

But then what do I know?

I’ve been trying to get the bass to sound more airy. I’m not much of a bass player, so learned about tone has been a real well,learning experience.

I just got myself a behringer BDI21 and am looking forward to getting more out of the bass in my next recordings.

As for the harmonica, not sure the issue is not being in tune. I’m likely not using the right mic and I think it sounds a bit harsh. (but hey, I haven’t really played blues harp seriously in decades and it’s not exactly a stellar perfomance either) I tried recording it with an audix d2 which I read somewhere would do the job.

The vocals and guitar are a studio projects B1.

One piece of advice I received about this song was that I should have brought the B1 closer to the mic to create proximity effect.That way the guitar would have had more of a midrange rather than thin sound. EQing later helps but it’s always better to get it right from the start.

I’ve only recently started experimenting with the B1 and I’ve got much to learn.

BTW, the way my recordings have been going the last year or so, it’s hit and run. I have a 2 or 3 hour session to set up a small studio in my basement (on a family computer and space), record, and pack it all up. So there’s much to be desired, I know. What I’m trying to do at this stage is learn about how to do it and create a general sound. After 2 more songs I’ve written, I hope to go back to the beginning and redo them all the right way, having picked up some skills along the way.

I agree with all of TomS’s comments. Regarding the tuning issue, you’ve got to remember that some folks can be very sensitive to pitch problems. I also hear what TomS hears. Do listen closely to your timing, it could be tightened up.

Some other suggestions: everything seems to be dead center in the stereo field. The music will sound richer if you can spread things out a bit. Try recording your guitar in stereo using two mics (pointing one pointed at the bridge 4-6 inches away, and pointing one where the neck joins the body 4-6 inches away, or alternatively, record with one close-mic at the bridge and one 18-24 inches away to pick up some of the room ambience). Then pan the tracks left and right some. Perhaps add a very small amount of reverb, particularly to the channel with the mic at the bridge position. This should give your guitar a richer sound. Try to EQ to accentuate the airy higher frequencies and to bring out a bit more bass, and then compress the guitars sound. Don’t be afraid to use use compression. On a song like this it is your friend.

Point well taken on the timing. I intend to redo the drums. Alas, this will only be a possibilty in about 2 weeks (fighting for my space and time in my own house!)

good thoughts onthe guitar panning.

I totally understand your recording situation - it’s been mine as well for years! :) Anyway, check the bass and guitar and harmonica to see if they are all in tune with each other. What brand harmonica is it? Some tend to be flat, I’ve discovered. But I’m pretty sure your bass is flat in this recording. BTW, I listened to the first song on the list as well, and it is really fascinating to hear how much better the last one sounds. :D

I’ve been slowly learning how to record over the last couple of years. It’s a long process, a labor of love. Wish I had more consistent time to really make progress.