Jezar question

I’m returning to Ntrack after a long absence (I just upgraded from v.3.3) I recently saw a link to an article by Jezar “How to Mix a Pop Song”, and I can’t seem to find it again. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?


Welcome back!

A lot of the links to Jezar’s article seem to have disappeared, but one that is still working is:…scratch

So maybe it’s time to archive a copy on our hard drives for posterity.

BTW jasco, I’m STILL on v3.3 :D


Here’s one of his I bookmarked on compression:

Jezar’s Compressor

Thanks for the Pop song link, I had lost it.

Mixing doc

Someone posted this doc on another forum (RealBand) thought I’d repost it here as how it’s from a former forum member.

Hey Poppa, can you check the link - like everythihng else I have tried today, it is not working for me. :O

you must have clicked it before it was on my server - try again.