Joe Meek ThreeQ

Anyone use one?

I’m curious, they look cool, just 200 US dolalrs at the Fiend:…1

With a fixed compressor ratio at 5:1 ? Nah, don’t think so.

THe 5:1 ratio listed in the specs is typical, the compressor ratio is varable between 10:1 and 1:1. It’s actually a good compressor for the money, but I’d save up for one of his rack mount compressors with balanced I/O. The EQ section is very good and has a Neve-like musical quality to it.

I’m told the joe meek stuff sounds awesome (by a friend who had one, and then sold it due to impedence issues between it and his NTK)


I have a Meek VC3 and love it. The VC3 is a channel strip… preamp, optical comp, and enhancer. The preamp is okay, good for rock vocals, kinda crummy for the female pop stuff I do. But the compressor is absolutely great. I use a different pre and run an insert into the Meek and it sounds awesome. It really smooths the vocals out and brings them up front with a very soft curve so you don’t hear it working other than o say your vocal is up front and doesn’t get lost in the mix. Can you tell I like my Meek? Oh, and it isn’t a fixed ratio as others have mentioned.