John Bonham outtakes

Saw this the other day.

Interesting, high-geek value.

Thought for a moment about trying to pass off one of the recordings as my own in the Users Music forum but I’m too honest.


very interesting… i love some of these grooves…

pretty boring stuff…i was hoping for more than basic beats

pretty boring stuff...i was hoping for more than basic beats
This is what Bonham played. It's not supposed to be any more than that. It's fascinating to to listen to what one of the best rock drummers that ever lived actually played on those songs. Drummers and non-drummers can learn a lot about what makes good drums by picking out what he did and didn't do. Drums that aren't boring by themselves are probably way overplayed (for most rock songs).

Here's an interesting exercise: Pick out the songs he's playing on.

Phoo, I’m with you on this one.

Sometimes less is more. I often admired his ability to create an almost reggea like beat, inside a rock rythm structure. It’s one thing to play someine elses creation, and say, “This is too easy”. It an entirely other thing to create something ones self that’s equal in simplicity and genious.
His beats just fit the music. Would they fit into something more complex? Maybey, but likely not.
He had a unique way of looking at a song, something that’s missing in alot of todays music. Most drummers seem to go for the straight commercial beat that would make you be able to tap your toe and bop along to in your car.
He went inbetween these guidelines and found a different place to make you groove.
Off-beat, subtle, different, maybe but by no means boring.

I know exactly what you were hoping for bro. Something you can use and exploit for your own personal gain.–tee hee just kidding.
Anyway you could use any of these to create a beautiful song, it’s all there. The space, inbetween is filled in you just need substance to balance it.
Most people don’t have it, so to them this is boring.

Happy trackin’


this is fun!.. just jammed along for a few minits…

fool in the rain (zeppelin clip):

and now me butchering the drum track:

i’m all about the boring beats :p

pretty boring stuff...i was hoping for more than basic beats

Nothing basic about those beats. They are quality grooves.

Awsome! Not to mention tasty, fluid, truely smooth as silk!