junk on forum

how to get rid of it?

I realize this is a unmoderated forum, but is there anyone that comes close, that could we contact about some of the WAY-off-topic junk that has appeared as of late? :angry:
I sure wouldn’t want to bother Flavio about this kind of thing, but … I don’t see “N-Track Studio discussion” anywhere in some of the recent posts!

I think Flavio is the only one. It seems the spammers are trying new tactics, posting in forums rather than just sending emails.

Dave T2

Seems to me like the method used to prevent programs from registering has been thwarted. Flav might just have to upgrade to a more recent version of the forum to avoid this. (And maybe the latest versions don’t have this problem addressed yet either.)

If no one replies to the garbage, it will eventually fall off the main page and into obscurity.

Sort of like Milli Vanilli.

Obviously haven’t done their market research properly…

Don’t they realise people into home recording never have any money. And when they do it gets spent on different types of knobs to the ones in their spam?!?!?

And if they want to flog their product to people that have more money at their disposal they should be trying the Sonar or Samplitude etc. forums rather than n-Track… hehe


It is sad that the poor end user (or webmaster) needs to jump through hoops to try and avoid being bombarded by this.

I’ve just set up a PC for my wife at home to help with her job - sending e-mails and such. 10 Minutes on the internet (with Firefox), 10 viruses, spyware and a hijacker later I’m finding out that Outlook Express downloads everything except my wife’s e-mails …
:angry: :angry:

She’s already running on Redhat as we speak…

About the forum - Unless Flavio upgrades or are on spam watch duty we don’t have much coice but to ignore it (as stupid as it is) - Unless Flavio gives ‘delete access’ to certain people on the forum (not to moderate but to delete spam messages - they can have only ‘delete’ access) I don’t see us finding a solution to this.

I HATE spam
:angry: :angry: :angry: <— Wihan when he thinks about spam

Compared to some forums, this one is the most genuine, civil and least spammed that I have seen.
FDP isn’t bad either (for anyone from there). This one doesn’t indulge in name calling, obscene posts, fighting, bragging…
As for the spamming that is beginning to show up, I agree with John, ignore it and it will leave the front page.